About us


We are Ana Cris and María José, and yes, the resemblance is not by chance... we are sisters!!

After some time of searching, we have discovered in ourselves an immense desire to create something different and connect it with what we believe to be part of our life purpose.

This idea, together with the love we have for our planet and with a little creativity from both, we have created the brand SunshineLines.

SunshineLines is born from our love for fashion, and from the desire to make the basic wardrobe of a lifetime, a more complete garment that becomes essential.

On this journey we have found the ideal suppliers who care about the planet as much as we do, ecological materials of incredible quality, and the most beautiful packaging you've ever seen, which is made from recycled cardboard.

Don't you think it's super cool!!

We invite you to get to know our brand, unique and original designs and our eco-responsible products within reach of a click!

Join the revolution of the simplicity of a lifelong essential!!



    We choose to be eco-responsible, which is why we only work with suppliers with a global presence who have the same love for our planet.

    The closer to you, we shorten distances, and that allows us to emit less CO2 in deliveries.


    Our business model fits perfectly with the new market trends of minimizing storage, making production more efficient and limiting its environmental impact.

    We do not encourage mass production, nor do we contribute to the possible waste of fast-fashion.

  • Eco-responsible products

    Our products are ethical and ecological. We use organic or premium cotton, and recycled materials that require much less water to produce, making it more environmentally friendly.

    In addition, the teams that print our product designs only use water-based inks that carry a vegan label. Don't you think it's great?